What Is Visitmotion?

Visitmotion is a blog discovery platform that aims to help writers promote their content while simultaneously helping other bloggers do the same.

How Can Visitmotion Help My Blog?

Crafting a successful blog is a meticulous process that takes a lot of passion and patience. While every blog is unique in its own way, all require content marketing in some form. How do you get your content in front of your target readership?

As bloggers ourselves, we know that effective content marketing is a goal that all content writers aspire to. Visitmotion recognises this mutual need and aims to help bloggers help bloggers.

So what does that look like in practice?

  1. You add your blog URL to Visitmotion. Links to your articles are automatically imported into the platform on a daily basis.
  2. You add a content widget to your articles. This widget displays articles that other Visitmotion users have imported. Take a look at the bottom of this article for an example!
  3. Once your widget is added, your articles start showing up on other user's widgets, as well as the Visitmotion homepage.

That's it! Three simple steps and your content is imported every day, and automatically shows up across the Visitmotion network. Not only that, but your content gets exposure while you help like-minded bloggers do the same.

How Do I Get Started With Visitmotion?

Our aim is to make Visitmotion as quick and accessible as possible — you don't even need to create an account. With that said, there are a few minor things you should have in place before you add your blog. If you're using one of the main blogging platforms such as WordPress, these points will likely be taken care of already.

  • Make sure your blog publishes a feed (such as RSS or Atom). If you're not sure how to find your blog feed, follow the steps here.
  • Confirm that your feed can be auto-discovered. This simply means that your blog's HTML code contains a link to your feed.
  • Each article published in your feed must have a title for it to be successfully imported. It's highly unlikely that this won't already be the case, but it's worth mentioning.
  • Your articles must feature an og:image meta tag that identifies the featured image for that article. This is the image that Visitmotion will display across the network. Have a look at the open graph protocol if you're not sure about this.

Once you've taken care of the above, head on over to the blog submission page and follow the steps. If you have any questions, our inbox is always open at [email protected]. Please do get in touch 🙂

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